Medallion Hunt



  • The Medallion is on the Sherburne County Fairgrounds.

  • The Medallion is not buried or inside any building.

  • Anyone participating in the Medallion Hunt cannot start looking until the posting of the first clue. Those searching for the Medallion before the first clue is posted will be disqualified. (It isn't hidden yet anyway, lol)

  • Destruction of any property is not necessary and will not be allowed.

  • Anyone can participate in the Medallion Hunt except: Sherburne County Fair Board Members, Sherburne County Agricultural Society Members, or the immediate family members of either of these groups.

  • Finder of the Medallion will win $100.

  • The first clue will be posted Thursday. A new clue will be posted each day by 10am until the Medallion is found. There will be a maximum of four clues published on this site and posted on our fairgrounds.

  • The finder of the Medallion must present the Medallion to the staff in the Main Fair Office on the fairgrounds to receive their prize money.

  • If the Medallion is not turned in at the Main Fair Office by 7PM on the Sunday of the fair, the fair board reserves the right to terminate the hunt and turn the prize over to charity.