Medallion Hunt



Welcome to the County Fair! It’s time to DOUBLE DOWN. 

Hope you get to have some fun running all around.

The hunt is on, a little game that everyone can join.

All of you will want to find our precious golden coin.

In a crack? On a wall? Hidden by a stone?

The secret of the treasure game that you can play alone.

East or West, North or South, somewhere high or low?

Get the coin and turn it in, get a little dough.

Come on in, look around, always keep an eye out.

Hunting for the token is what the game’s about.

Here we are on fair day 1, but soon will be day 4.

The person who turns in the coin will even out the score.

Good luck coin hunters! May the odds be ever in your favor.


Fair Thursday is already done and it was kinda chilly.

Treasure hunters ran around. Y’all look kinda silly.

While you’re on the token hunt, please be very kind. 

We know you haven’t found it yet, but please don’t lose your mind.

Our coin is hiding in a place that’s not out in the way.

It’s tucked safely in a spot to hold your search at bay.

It’s hiding in a secret spot that’s not out in the sun.

If we make the hunt too easy, it won’t be any fun. 

Watching people hunt and search is always sort of funny.

Best of luck in winning our stash of medallion money.

Search high and lo!!!


Medallion Winners 2022

Congratulations to Max Fougner, helped by Reed Hermanson and Jackson DeMars for being the 2022 winners!