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On June 1, 1889, a few individuals met before a Notary Public to begin the process of incorporating under the laws of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.


Their purpose was to hold an annual fair for the exhibition of livestock and all agricultural, mechanical and works of art locally.


Membership to the Sherburne County Agricultural Society was $1.00.


The very first officers of the Sherburne County Agricultural Society were: President; C.W. Ayers, Vice President; A.N. Davis, Secretary; N.K. Hunt and Treasurer; Wm H. Houlton.  Other directors were Geo. C. Hill, D.R. Houlton, Henry Castle, J.W Glassford, A. Bryant, H.W. Craig and Sam Baremon.


The incorporation document was filed with the office or Register of Deeds, County of Stearns on the 18th Day of September A.D 1889.


The First Fair was held fall of 1889 in rural Elk River, MN.  It was said to be held on the A.B. Carlson Farm.


It continued to be a one day get together until 1915 when the corporation was restructured and the first "fair" in the town of Elk River was held on October 1st and 2nd of 1915.  There were over 1250 persons in attendance.


In 1935, the Sherburne County Agricultural Society filed for a Mortgage with the Bank of Elk River.  The mortgage was dated November 23, 1935 for the following:  All that part of lot 19, of Auditors subdivision 4 in the village of Elk River.  The fair was moved to its own location at that time.


Because of the war, no fair was held in 1946. Due to the Covid pandemic, no fair was held in 2020.


1953 was the first year that advance entries of exhibits were required.


The Sherburne County Agricultural Society sold the land they were on leased their "new Site" from the county for $1 per year.  The Fair moved to it's current location in 1957.  The 1957 fair was the first fair at the 'new site'.  It was held from August 12-14.  There were 6000 people in attendance.


There has been a TON of improvements made to the grounds over the years.  The current fairs average 12,000-18,000 in attendance.


We can't wait to see you at the next fair!!



(Info borrowed from the Sherburne County Fair History book, available for sale in the fair office or by contacting one of the directors.)

Herbert, Age 2, 1800 lbs, Copyright 1916 by Samuel Rank

RE Lynch's prize Ayrshire Bull, Copyright 1916 by Samuel Rank

With big plans for the future of the Sherburne County Fair, a small group of board members and non board members have created a non-profit  501(c)3 to assist in funding the fair itself.  There is a need for upgrading the facility while adding new educational programs.  The non-profit called Sherburne County Fair Foundation will aide in doing so while maintaining traditions! 


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If you want to see what helping with fair planning is all about, join us for a meeting. Those dates can be found on the Events Calendar page of our site. Members of the Sherburne County Ag Society are encouraged to help with planning the fair and helping maintain the grounds.

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